Spotlight [TECH TALK]

The Reflector Lens System (RLS) used in SPOTLIGHT Shifter Series LED lights provides cutting-edge technology that sets it apart from cheap alternatives.


By using separate pieces for the optic and reflector in the RLS process, Spotlight is able to manufacture a far greater variety of lights compared to TIR designs.
Single piece TIR-based optics are limited by molding constraints like wall thickness and internal shrinkages that compromise clarity.
Shrinkage of the reflector at any scale creates voids and imperfections that absorb and significantly reduce the total output of the light.
The RLS is used in SPOTLIGHT’s first single AAA-cell battery, focus control, high-power LED light, the Shifter 1.0 and all other Shifter Series lights.
As a result of this lens technology, Shifter Series lights generate 25% or more light output and transmit 15% or more light throw than comparably-sized TIR-based lights.
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